Nutritional biochemist Henry Osiecki founded BioConcepts more than 30 years ago, alongside a successful clinical career, spent helping people overcome chronic and complex health conditions.
 The BioConcepts Health Clinic is staffed with complementary health professionals taught in Henry Osiecki’s method.  This approach treats every patient as an individual, not as a set protocol.
 It relies heavily on the body’s unique biochemistry and looks at remedying any nutritional deficiencies affecting optimal functioning.
 Henry’s method also considers the whole person and any lifestyle factors other than diet that could be affecting biochemistry.



Here at Bio Concepts Health Clinic, we specialise in child, maternal and family health – we solve complex health problems.
Why turn to a clinical nutritionist if your child has asthma or eczema? Or if you as a mother are finding it hard to lose weight, can’t sleep or feel anxious?

The body is an intricate system of interconnected organs, requiring macro and micronutrients to perform at its best.  We live in a world where, even though food is plentiful, that food is often highly processed.  As a result, we are nutrient-poor in many cases.
There are also many toxins in our environment, we are more sedentary than our predecessors and our lives are highly stressful.
 All of these things deplete us of nutrients.
As a result, we are seeing an increase in complex health conditions that can be fixed by improving our nutrient status.

At Bio Concepts Health Clinic we treat everyone as an individual and consider the whole person – body and mind.  We also give our patients time in their appointments that often is not possible in a traditional appointment with a doctor.  The aim is to really get to the heart of what is causing your symptoms.



“ Excellent knowledge, service and care. I met with Toni at the Bio Concepts clinic and Toni is a professional, 100% committed to her field of expertise. If you are seeking improved health, for a better quality of lifestyle, I highly recommend an appointment at the Bio Concepts Health Clinic “
BeverleyHappy Patient
"I am being treated at the clinic by Toni, the Clinical Nutritionist, and after many years and unsuccessful attempts at treating my gastrointestinal problem of SIBO and IBS Toni has been successful at resolving my symptoms. I can highly recommend her as a professional and compassionate practitioner. "
MichelleHappy Patient

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Rebates may be available through your private health care provider.
At Bio Concepts Health Clinic, our services tend to extend far beyond this list, and we’ll stop at nothing to help you overcome whatever condition you may be facing.

Initial Consultation

Your initial consultation is designed to help your practitioner understand you and your health status in as much depth as possible, along with developing your health goals. Intensive questioning and occasional functional pathology testing is required to gain a clear picture of how the individual body systems are performing and working together to develop a comprehensive treatment plan.

Skype Consultations

Don’t let distance stop you reaching your health goals. Skype consultations are available so you can meet with a practitioner from the comfort of your own home. Some conditions apply, give us a call or contact us online to find out more!

Family Nutrition Counselling

Good nutrition is a whole family affair. Family nutrition counselling is about educating the whole family on the impact that good nutrition has on health. These appointments are child-friendly, and can include food coaching (and some yummy recipes!).

3-Consultation Package

Commit yourself to a future of good health by purchasing a three-consultation package. An economical option, this package allows you to save by pre-paying for future appointments and is available to purchase even if you can’t lock in a time on the spot. Available with all services.

Allergy Testing

We have access to testing from several pathology labs to get to the cause of your allergy or intolerance symptoms. Together, we can determine the most appropriate test for you.

General Blood Testing

Blood test as required in conjunction with your consultation. One tiny little needle that can tell us a lot about the composition of your blood, and may help determine the nature of your condition.



Clinical Nutritionist

Toni Chambers BHlthSc (Nut Med) B Arts (Journalism)
Clinical Nutritionist, BCEC Technical Consultant

Toni Chambers is a clinical nutritionist and mother-of-four. She is a registered practitioner who has been mentored by Henry Osiecki.

She trained in nutritional medicine later in life so she brings her personal life experiences and experiences with her own children to her consultations. She is passionate about educating children and their parents about the power of food. Nutrient-dense food can make us healthy and happy, and prevent chronic health conditions. Nutrient-poor food can lead to health problems and worsen existing conditions. Food is medicine. It is not just something that fills us up for a few hours.

Her approach is to guide positive changes at her client’s individual pace. And to educate and empower families, so they can be in charge of their own health. Education includes how to navigate supermarket shopping aisles, cooking classes for children and families and how to read your own body’s responses to food.



Almost everyone these days calls themselves a nutritionist. Our specialisation here at BioConcepts Health Clinic is nutritional medicine. It is the youngest of the natural therapies but the most powerful. You will hear many negatives about natural therapies in general and nutritional medicine in particular, but take no heed. The body is a complex collection of organs and systems that can only run if it is given the correct nutrients. Doctors, with their years of training, do not even understand the complexities of biochemistry and the importance of nutrients in the proper functioning of the body.

Nutritional medicine works with the body, and provides it with those nutrients it is lacking or needs to facilitate healing. The difference between medical drugs and nutrient therapy is that drugs, particularly when dealing with chronic conditions, squeezes the last bit of vitality out of the body, while nutrients build up the vitality of the person. Drugs work on specific metabolic pathways, nutrients act as generalist that work on multiple pathways at the same time.

henry-100x100-Henry Osiecki, Nutritional biochemist
and founder of BioConcepts

Visit us at Bio Concepts Health Clinic

19a Guardhouse Road, Banyo QLD 4014

Located just 20 minutes from Brisbane CBD, 10 minutes from the Airport or Chermside shopping centre, and just 5 minutes from Toombul shopping centre, the clinic is tucked away in a private complex in the heart of Brisbane’s North.
Ample car parking is provided, right out the front of the main entry, and disability access is provided.

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