Supplementation's role in Nutrition

Do I need to take supplements?

As part of your nutritional consultation, it will most often be necessary to take supplements, in addition to making appropriate dietary and lifestyle changes. The philosophy of our clinical nutritionist is that, in the case of health conditions, a therapeutic … Read More

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yoghurt as a dessert, added sugar

Yoghurt is now…. a dessert?

If you haven’t watched That Sugar Film it’s certainly worth the effort as it highlights exactly how much sugar is in seemingly “healthy” foods such as flavoured yoghurt, juices, cereals and sauces. Secret Desserts A new investigation has been launched … Read More

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Generalised Anxiety Disorder

Generalised Anxiety Disorder: Symptoms and Treatments

When does anxiety become a problem? We will all experience anxiety at some stage of our lives, but some of us will be diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. For a diagnosis to be made, the anxiety must have a disabling … Read More

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Cost-effective health foods, fresh market

Healthy Doesn’t Need to be Expensive: 8 Cost Effective Health Foods

There are plenty of companies out there, looking to capitalise on those among us who try to be conscious of what we put in our bodies. But eating healthy doesn’t have to necessitate a huge financial sacrifice. There are a … Read More

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Triggers of anxiety

Common Triggers of Anxiety

So either your doctor has diagnosed you with anxiety, or you have familiarised yourself with the signs and symptoms. But you’re unsure of why you feel this way. Well, this probably doesn’t help you very much when I say, there are usually many triggers, not just one. But let’s see if we can narrow them down. These are just some of the most common triggers of anxiety. … Read More

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post natal depression vs post natal anxiety

New Mums: Anxious or Depressed?

Most new mums are aware of postnatal depression, but equally as prevalent is postnatal anxiety. Conception to the postnatal period is the most common time for women to experience anxiety. Interestingly, it is estimated that 1800 new parents are diagnosed … Read More

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Children’s Health: What a Healthy Diet Looks Like

We’re constantly talking about healthy eating, but what does that really mean… This is my chilren’s typical diet for one day. They’re aged 13,12,9 and 6 so the portion sizes vary. Breakfast Slice of wholemeal bread topped with avocado, fetta … Read More

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Anxiety vs Behavioural Disorders

The Distinction Between Anxiety and Behavioural Disorders

Anxiety is common amongst those aged 4-17 years, second only to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in its prevalence in Australia. But how can you tell when your child is experiencing anxiety rather than depression or a behavioural condition? Anxiety … Read More

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Bullying - the faces behind the statistics

Schoolyard Bullying: The Faces Behind the Statistics

As we mark Anti-Bullying Day across Australia, it’s important to look at the impact on people beyond the statistics.   The Stats Around one in four children aged 10 to 15 experience bullying regularly. Frequent bullying was highest in Year … Read More

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