We’re constantly talking about healthy eating, but what does that really mean

This is my chilren’s typical diet for one day. They’re aged 13,12,9 and 6 so the portion sizes vary.


  • Slice of wholemeal bread topped with avocado, fetta and tomato
  • Mango Smoothie (Frozen fresh mango, coconut and almond milk, natural yoghurt, scoop of protein powder and ice)

Morning Tea

  • Piece of fruit
  • Homemade nut free protein ball


  • Zucchini slice
  • Yoghurt pouch

Afternoon Tea

  • Piece of fruit
  • Rice crackers with hommus
  • Homemade banana bread

(My older boy will also have leftover dinner, he plays a lot of sport so has higher energy needs)


  • Homemade crumbed chicken
  • Homemade fries
  • Greek Salad

Of course their diet changes often, so they never get bored, and an appropriate diet for your child will depend on their particular lifestyle.
At Bio Concepts Health Clinic we offer family nutrition counselling, to offer advice tailored to your lifestyle and requirements.
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