Supplementation's role in Nutrition

As part of your nutritional consultation, it will most often be necessary to take supplements, in addition to making appropriate dietary and lifestyle changes.

The philosophy of our clinical nutritionist is that, in the case of health conditions, a therapeutic effect is required – that is, to get results quickly in order that patients feel better.
The only way for this to happen is for the relevant supplement to be prescribed. The doses in supplements are higher than what can be found in foods, resulting in a therapeutic effect.

However, it is often the case that our diet and lifestyle need changes to aid our health goals. One of the major issues facing us today is compromised gut function – an inability to digest and absorb our food to get the most nutrients from it.
Improving gut function is almost always an inevitable part of any nutritional plan. Once this is achieved, as long as diets have changed, patients can obtain all the macro- and micro nutrients they need from their diet without supplementation.

That is the goal of the Bio Concepts Health Clinic: to educate patients on how to be in control of their own health and not to rely long term on supplements.

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