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Thinking of visiting the Bio Concepts Health Clinic?

We offer a range of services, that can be tailored to help you and your specific situation. Below you’ll find our list of basic services, if you have any questions about the services or the process, please feel free to get in contact with us! We’re extremely flexible, and even offer consultations over skype*.

Initial consultation

$165 (including GST)
During your first one-hour consultation, we’ll have a frank and in-depth conversation about the challenges you’re facing and the symptoms that you’re suffering from. We’ll determine what is happening at a biochemical level in your body, based on questions about your diet, lifestyle, mental state and possibly request pathology or other tests to confirm. Right from your first consultation, you’ll have strategies in place and changes you can make straight away that put you on the path to good health. If any supplementation is required as a part of your plan, we can prescribe the products, and can supply them right then and there you don’t go home empty-handed.

Follow-up consultations

$99 (including GST)
Usually, the first follow-up is 2 weeks after we initially meet, however this varies based on your condition. This is to ensure you are on the right track with any dietary changes and supplementation. Your follow up consultation looks at whether or not the changes we made in your initial consultation are making the difference we’d hoped for, and to check that the strategy is fitting into your lifestyle. Follow up consultations are a chance to move on to the next phase of your treatment if required. There is no pressure at all to book your follow up consultation directly after your initial appointment if you don’t feel you need it, come back at your leisure, whenever you feel you need to regroup.

Consultation Package

$330 (including GST)
At Bio Concepts Health Clinic, we give you the option to pay upfront for your initial consultation and two follow-ups. This helps you save money and stay on track to achieving your goals. Remember those follow-up consultations can be delivered over skype!

Family Nutrition Counselling

$220 (including GST)
In this one and a half hour session, we sit down with the whole family and talk about the challenges each of you face. You’ll then receive whole-of-family solutions that can help to improve the lives of each individual family member while supporting the unit as a whole. Solutions provided are always tailored to your family and situation, with practical changes that fit into your lifestyle. These sessions help to give your family the best and equip them with knowledge they can take through their entire lives, and can even help bring the family closer together to support each other on a shared journey.

Supermarket Tours

$66 (Including GST)
In this one hour tour, you’ll learn how to navigate the supermarket shelves to make smarter food decisions. Learn what to look for in nutrition labels, or how to navigate your needs, whether you’re gluten free, nut free or have other allergies. The practical nature of this service helps you to be a smarter consumer, and make purchasing decisions that support your goals and unique needs.

*Some conditions apply on Skype consultations depending on the nature of the consultation. Contact us for more details.

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